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Martians: A Story of Civilization - English limited edition

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The first expedition to Mars ended with a heroic fight by the astronauts for survival and initiated the first mission aimed at colonizing the planet, which was financed by four corporations. Now in Martians: A Story of Civilization the human colony on Mars, managed by leaders of the corporations, has to explore the planet in search of necessary resources, build new constructions, and develop technologies adjusted to planetary conditions. Such effort is necessary not only to survive, but also to create better living standards for future generations raised by colonists.

Limited version include additional: 

  • 12 cards of hidden goals for the competitive mode 
  • 6 new expert cards 
  • 4 new regolith examination cards 
  • “Mars One” scenario including 8 event cards 
  • “Mission to Phobos” scenario including 4 event cards 
  • “Refugees” scenario including 4 event cards and 3 neutral colonist miniatures
  • “Underground colony” scenario 
  • “Touch down disaster” scenario 
  • “Vastitas Borealis” scenario 
  • “The End” scenario 
  • “The Dark Side of Mars” mini expansion including additional board and 4 event cards 
  • “Face on Mars” mini expansion including additional board, tokens and 4 event cards 
  • 3D first player marker (the rocket) 
  • 3D excavation machine marker (replacing wooden marker)
  • 3D cycle marker (replacing wooden disc)
  • 12 astronaut miniatures (replacing wooden meeples)


ul. Prosta 244
43-376 Kalna

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